Out of my Mind but… Joy Dare #75-89


Why, oh why, didn’t someone tell me I have gone 10 days without a post? I really haven’t stopped being grateful. I promise.

I have, however, been dreadfully sick. Just a run-of-the-mill “common” cold, but why does “common” make you think it shouldn’t be that bad when in reality it jerks the world out from under you? I haven’t had a voice for a week now. I’m not complaining, just saying it is hard to communicate as homeschooling mom, mom in general, and especially mom to a toddler who


When Mama is sick, she can’t call in. The needs of the Hearts are still teeming and Mama is the only one who can meet most of them.

Well, Mama and Mama’s Mama and Cowboy’s Mama and Daddy Cowboy. I know I would have drowned without backup this week. For real.

Four out of the six of us have had the icky nasty cold at the same time. Thankfully, TrueHeart and BraveHeart were spared. I took an extra hit as the nursing mom when mine turned into mastitis and, somehow, only I have laryngitis. I am special, I tell you.

Cowboy says I have no immune system and doesn’t even want to let me go skating with the family for fear I will break a leg. I can’t deny I seem to be inclined to the unusual ailments.


Consider all of this a preface for this one statement:

I am losing. my. mind.

Yesterday, I left my van running. For two whole hours. I have never, ever done that before. I got all the kids out of the van and in the house, and even all the things done I was supposed to get done after that. Except the one thing. The turning-off-the-van-and-removing-key thing.


Then, I made from-scratch chicken soup and corn muffins for supper. (Even the chicken broth was completely from scratch-a wonderfully rich and perfect bone broth.) Everyone was happy and I was feeling…well… accomplished.

Until I told the story around the table about taking TenderHeart to the hospital for lab work yesterday morning and how I gave the valet a five dollar bill because I didn’t have a three dollar bill.

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

BUT... let me tell you how blessed this brain-drained Mama has been in the midst of it all…

(I don’t usually use the #1000Gifts prompts for daily thanks, but today I will use a few.)


75. 76. 77. A Grace Borrowed, Found, Inherited… Beth Moore’s Believing God Bible study borrowed from Kristie for our women’s Bible study group to start in a couple of weeks, my Moby wrap found in the bottom of the baby blanket basket, my love for learning and reading passed down from my Mama.

78. 79. 80. A Gift Before Dawn (Cowboy’s arms), After Noon (the new baby calf born on our farm with a good mother to care for her), at Dark (all the Hearts around our table for supper).

81. 82. 83. A Song Heard, A Soft Word, Light Seen… TrueHeart belting out, while doing chores, this Truth she knows: Oceans will part- nations come, At the whisper of Your call, Hope will rise- glory shown, In my life Your will be done; Cowboy’s “This is good” spoken over supper, an amazing pediatrician who took on TenderHeart’s symptoms and is beginning to shed light with tests and referrals in a place of murky questions for some time.

84. 85. 86. Three Old Things Seen New… Making real bone broth like they used to instead of pouring watered-down from a can, a pinecone still standing on my bookshelf from my outdoor Thanksgiving wedding, our chicken coop built by Cowboy and Cowboy’s Daddy from the slabs of old trees cut on our sawmill.

87. 88. 89. A Gift on Paper, in a Person, in a Picture.. Bills from hospital paid in full, the Mama and Mama-in-law who helped us this week, the pictures TenderHeart took of SweetHeart as a surprise for me.


Corrie Mims








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Hurt People Hurt People… Joy Dare #69-74

He heals the brokenhearted
And binds up their wounds.

-Psalm 147:3

No matter where you work, the likelihood is that you have to deal with people.  Just because I work from home and have my own business does not mean I am exempt from this.  I love my job because I don’t have to have parties and I don’t have to cold- call people and I make my own hours and work as little or as much as I choose each day… However, there are still difficult moments because… (sigh)… I do have to deal with people.  Most days, these people are highlights of my experience and I have happy conversations to report to Cowboy when he gets home at night.  Today was not one of those days as a very angry man decided to vent his life’s heartache in a tirade of cursing and ugliness… directly at me.

And apparently, the first time wasn’t relieving enough… since he called back and left a scathing voicemail.  It is puzzling because I only call people who have specifically expressed an interest in learning more about this business and who have given their phone number for that purpose.  I had spoken with him several times, taken him completely through the information which is very clear and not in any way secretive or misleading.  (I say this because I worked for a company initially who did not operate with such integrity, and which I subsequently left.) He continued to follow the process and take the next step, but waited until I introduced him to my director/trainer on a conference call (a very, very successful and wise man of God) to…completely… and totally… LOSE IT.

The words he used like rapid fire are still burning in my ears and I just keep thinking how sad it all is… that someone who needs a job, who has an engineering degree but hasn’t worked in 5 years, who lives off of unemployment and cannot get hired in all the places he has tried… refuses to try something different that could change his life forever… all because he is too proud, too angry, and obviously… too wounded.

My director said to me afterwards, “Corrie, hurt people hurt people.”  I cried and cried for him (because my skin is, as always, too thin) but mostly because he told me his story and the depth of his need, but wouldn’t let me help him.  In trying to find the gratitude “in all circumstances,” and in talking to the Lord about it, I came to this conclusion…

He is a lonely, hurting, wounded man.  He kept taking the next step because he needed the interaction and the encouragement and the hope- but once he reached the last step and was faced with making a decision to start his own business… He just couldn’t take the risk of failing AGAIN.  I pray for him- and hope he did find encouragement from me somehow.  Maybe something I said will drive him to look UP where the only TRUE HELP comes from.

It is hard not to take these things personally, but I talk to so many people who are a delight and bring such joy and encouragement to me.  Today I am thankful for the reminder that…

69.  There are hurting people out there who need grace, encouragement, and hope… and I have all those because of You.  Thank you for the chance I have to talk to them, and please use it for Your glory… even when it hurts my heart. 

70.  TrueHeart’s first tumbling class with a new teacher and her favorite friend, and TenderHeart’s first karate class ever, which is also with his favorite friend. Thankful for Lori Ann who took TrueHeart so I could take TenderHeart, and also for my Mama who kept SweetHeart from the long ride and all the waiting (and had her bathed and ready for bed when I came to pick her up!)  All the little acts of kindness

71.  The people on my “team” at work who have spoken such blessing into my life this week.  Thank You for bringing them into my life, and for how they honor You with theirs. 

72.  For my Mama who took TrueHeart to the orthodontist to fix a sharp wire and brought (bought) pretty much everything in the “gluten-free” section at WalMart yesterday for TenderHeart.  She came in with bags and bags of encouragement for the soul who just.wants.a.sandwich.

73.  The emotional parenting crisis I had yesterday, the phone call which brought it into perspective, and the peaceful resolution which followed. 

74.  The decision last night, from total exhaustion, to just lay down (lie? I can never remember) with Cowboy, SweetHeart, and BraveHeart and let us all fall gently asleep together.  There was no wrestling, no crying… just snuggles and peaceful sleep.  SweetHeart reached over and rubbed my arm and I whispered, “I love you.”  She nodded her head, smiling sweetly around the thumb in her mouth, the perfect

Corrie Mims

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Joy Dare #60-68

60.  Two games of Blokus with the whole family, especially for TenderHeart who thinks game night = love.

61.  An offer from Lori Ann to take TrueHeart to tumbling for me, since it conflicts with TenderHeart’s new karate class.

62.  An unbelievably helpful conference call. Thankful for my business where conference calls are opened with prayer.

63.  A restful Saturday after a very busy and tiring week.

64.  Worship Sunday morning and evening with my entire family. (TrueHeart and TenderHeart being away the past few weeks meant they missed BraveHeart’s first two Sundays at church.)

65.  A sweet visit with my Aunt Cornelia and Uncle Denny and their powerful prayer time over me.

66. TrueHeart’s time with the youth group last night after church with a trip to Krispy Kreme.  She has needed time to reconnect with her friends after being away, and I am thankful her friends are the good kind of friends!

67.  A few minutes to hear about Ellen’s trip to Panama and a brief but treasured visit with her and Merinda.  I have missed them so much!

68.  Cowboy’s hard and constant work for our family… hauling gravel with the backhoe on his Saturday to fill in holes on our dirt road.  He literally never stops to do something for himself or acts as if he “deserves” some free time.  I want to be like him.

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A Weary Gasping for Grace… Joy Dare #52-59

I woke up weary today. 

Yesterday was a beast and TrueHeart needs toothpaste, not the usual kind but the Optic White she says and TenderHeart hates this two-day-old gluten free diet and wants Raisin Bran and SweetHeart fell out of the kitchen chair and bumped her head and BraveHeart just won’t stop crying and sleep and Cowboy whispered an I miss you without words and I am still counting graces but need to stop bouncing baby to write them and I need more time to work my business and connect with all the Hearts and cook the meals and clean the dirty and… I am failing them all and I feel it and I can’t seem to get ahead of it to fix it and…

I am tired. 

And yet, my obstacles have different names but are the same as yours and I was reminded today that there can be no excuses for our inward rant as we are called to listen and love. 

Ann Voskamp writes to me (just to me, it always seems)…

Knowing every interruption is a call from your Master — is liberation.

When you named Him your Lord, you gave Him right to your life on His time: Every interruption is a new work order from God.


I pause and whisper sorry and please forgive and gasp for grace. 

This life is Yours, Holy Lord. You breathed it, blessed it, brought it to Yours and I must stop trying to wrestle it back into my simple, unskilled hands.  My time is not mine.  It is Yours. 

Today, I choose to live in obedience… each interruption, each need… a direct request from You to stop my agenda and follow Yours.  I do so in faith, believing You will bless all You have called me to do as I am faithful with the time You graciously give. 

I am frail and so very, very prone to selfishness and pride and all the other sins of my flesh.  Teach me Your way, O Lord. 

It is always, always better.

52. A trade of beds thanks to Cowboy’s parents and Julie and Frank and new room not for king but for princess and prince to slumber between.

53. Snuggling with TenderHeart yesterday to learn of Nero and Marcus Aurelius and the Lobi in Burkina Faso and his tenderness and compassion for those who don’t know You.

54.  Your patience and grace to help me teach Algebra I to TrueHeart who does not love it as I do but has submitted to the discipline of learning anyway. 

55.  The amazing blessings You gave in the short few hours I was able to work yesterday and how You prove Your faithfulness every.single.moment.

56. The energetic and real class of third and fourth graders who taught me as I taught them last night at church and reminded me how childlike faith looks and feels.

57. That these interruptions are opportunities and Your grace is enough and Your Spirit lives in me to help me obey.

58.  The e-mail from Stan and how he always knows just what to say when he doesn’t have a clue what is going on in my heart and how his love shown in words so often soothes weary rawness. 

59.  The few minutes on knees and full of weary tears and how You answered then and how You are still answering… now. 

Thank You for these, this grace.

Corrie Mims



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Joy Dare #48-51

My TrueHeart and TenderHeart have been away for 2 1/2 weeks in Missouri. They had an amazing time… but they finally came home last night.

So my counted blessings were captured in pictures last night:









My heart was whole again, with all its little pieces tucked away to dream…

Safely home.

Thank You, Father, for my babies.

Corrie Mims

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Joy Dare #42-47


Congratulations to the winners of the Scripture Typer App! Your loot has been sent so check your e-mail. If you have any issues at all, please let me know… and definitely let me know what you think of the app!

Now, for the good stuff…

42. Homemade vegetable soup made by Cowboy’s Daddy, filled with the bounty from his garden You blessed.

43. A heartfelt thank you texted from TrueHeart.

44. A bounty of beautiful hand-me-down clothes for SweetHeart… Goodbye 18 month clothes!

45. The dream I had last night about a visit from Quent from heaven.

46. Date night with Cowboy and the sweetest little third wheel (aka BraveHeart), and the amazing Nanas who made it possible by keeping SweetHeart.

47. A surprise call from a friend who has traveled a road I have traveled and trusted me to share her heart today.

Thank You, Lord. Your lovingkindness is from everlasting to everlasting!

Corrie Mims


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How to Hide the Truth… Joy Dare #37-41


Scripture Typer Bible Memory Verses

Do you desire to hide God’s Word in your heart but struggle to discipline yourself to actually memorize verses? Me, too.


Scripture Typer has forever revolutionized the way I learn Truth.  This past week I used it to memorize Romans 1:1-2 and today I began memorizing Romans 1:3-4. You can find the free online version here: and can compete with yourself and others to type your verses faster and with greater accuracy.  You can also type just the first letter of each word as a tool to help you remember if you are not a fan of typing.

(I am a member of The Romans Project group.  Join us!)

As enjoyable and useful as the online version is, I recently found the so-much-fun-I-can-hardly-stand-it Scripture Typer iPhone app (also works with iPod Touch and iPad).  It allows you to create wallpaper for your phone with the scripture you are learning, draw pictures to illustrate your verses (for those visual learners out there), and create flashcards to learn your verses as well.  The main part of the app utilizes the keypad and requires you to “text” the first letter of each word of the verse while you are looking at it.  After this, you “memorize” it by doing the same thing again… only this time the app removes random words from the verse and you must fill in the blank as you type.  The last step is to “master it” by having a blank screen and typing the first letter of each word of the verse from beginning to end (each word shows up as you type the first letter).

Without really trying you will find you have memorized the verses!  Matter of fact, I like it so much and believe it so worthwhile I will give the app ($5.99) to the first 5 readers who comment on this post below and who include the reference to the verses you will memorize first!  (I will need your name and e-mail to do so, which I promise to only use to send you the app. You must have an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad to use the app.)

Now, for counting grace…

37.  Cowboy, who sleeps on the tiniest edge of bed to make room for the little snugglers and who changes our 2-year-old’s diapers during the night and moves her over and over and over to let me sleep between newborn feedings. What a gift he is to me!

38.  The medicine which helps my body pretend it still has a thyroid gland, though it does not, and the thyroid gland that used to be mine and was surely taken for granted all those years.

39.  The lung disease and the thyroid cancer that made life taste sweeter and each breath…grace.

40.  A couple of solid work hours today (both little ones slept at the same time!) which included talking to some fascinating people across the nation.  How wonderfully made we are!

41.  Sleep.  The not-having-it makes me infinitely grateful for the times I have had it and hopeful for the times I might…just might… have it again. 

Blessed doesn’t even begin to contain it.

Corrie Mims


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