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While I Have Been Quiet… Joy Dare #134-146


I am behind and need to do a marathon of Joy posting. Life has gotten more complicated around here now that SweetHeart is potty training and TenderHeart has allergy shots twice a week (a 30 minute drive away). This is combined with the usual homeschooling, tumbling lessons for TrueHeart, karate for TenderHeart, orthodontist appointments for both of them, and little BraveHeart who is awake and wanting me… all.the.time.

I shared yesterday with a friend that in a matter of just a few minutes, SweetHeart had pulled a tomato paste can out of the cabinet on her face which made me forget that I had put my sourdough starter in the oven just to warm it (and I cooked it!) and I panicked and stepped backwards in the puddle of pee in the kitchen floor (because SweetHeart was traumatized by the can in the face and wet herself) and it somehow wicked halfway up my sweatpants…. and then BraveHeart hurled a feeding’s worth of spit up aimed perfectly down my v-neck and into my underclothes. I guess he wanted it to go back where it came from.

Even when I don’t know whether to cry or laugh, I am overwhelmed with how blessed I am and how important this job is that the Lord has entrusted me with and called me to do. I am equally moved by the realization that I am HERE to do it.

I really struggled with fear the past few days. I began having the same bronchitis-like symptoms that started two years ago and resulted in the diagnosis of my rare lung disease. I didn’t tell anyone, not even Cowboy, that I called my pulmonologist and had a chest xray done, and I waited for two seemingly endless days and nights for the results. The thought of going back on 60 mg of prednisone a day made me want to weep and I knew the long-term prognosis was considerably worse if the lung disease ever flares again. I kept talking to the Lord about my fears, but it was a struggle to lay them down. I wish I could say I claimed victory in that area, but I didn’t.

And then they called me yesterday morning to say my chest x-ray was clear.

Unless you have been close to death and struggled to get oxygen, suffocating even though you were breathing, I don’t think I can fully explain what it is like to fear doing it again… or the relief of knowing I don’t have to. I am sure there are many other circumstances which could relate in your life, but these are mine.

Much of my gratitude this week centers around this grace from His hand…

134. A clear lung x-ray.

135. Every day I wake up feels like an “extra” day I didn’t think I would have two years ago.

136. Oxygen and the tiny little alveoli which do the miracle of exchanging it. Your creation is amazing.

137. BraveHeart…that You gave him to us even with all the doctors saying it probably wouldn’t happen because of my thyroid cancer and shouldn’t happen because of my lung disease. Yet, they are still clear. Your plan is best.

138. Your goodness, which would have been just as good if my lungs had been filled again with the fiber matrix that suffocates. Your goodness is not dependent on my circumstances, because again, Your plan is best.

139. The day this week when TrueHeart and TenderHeart spent two full hours after finishing their required lessons researching, rehearsing and performing all the details of the Japanese Tea Ceremony…. just because they wanted to. TrueHeart’s study this year of the Eastern Hemisphere has really been fascinating, and the blessing of being able to be with them as they learn… even when it is hard… is wonderful!

140. Cowboy’s Grandma Beulah, after a heart attack-pneumonia-kidney infection diagnosis, was alert and knew us last night… and said, “I love you, Corrie.” How she has impacted my life since I was a baby!

141. Finally perfecting the 100% whole wheat sourdough loaf of bread. You know how many times I have attempted it and how many “bricks” I had to throw out to the chickens in the process. I knew there had to be a way out there, and You listened to me pray about bread- of all things. Thank You.

142. Two more verses memorized in The Romans Project. This discipline is changing me.

143. An unexpected and unanimous response from our secret health plan group encouraging me to write a definitive guide to my plan for Kindle. There are many details I haven’t included in my blog, and I’m going to need Your help to organize it all and complete the project. Of course, I always need Your help!

144. That all my pants are suddenly loose and I can feel the changes in my body. Thank you for granting health and a way to pursue it.

145. A kindred spirit and friend who lives far away but is able to stay in almost constant contact with me through texting. I miss her so, and feel so lonely sometimes for a friend like her…here.

146. Our duck is setting! Cowboy’s Daddy and Cowboy’s brother built a beautiful duck house for her, and she has been laying eggs in it for weeks. She pulled her feathers out and surrounded her eggs with them, and is now nestled down over them to help them become. These kinds of Your miracles always amaze me.

Corrie Mims



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12 Snack Ideas for Corrie’s Health Plan… and Joy Dare #121-126

Some of you have asked for more ideas for snacks which fit the rules of my health plan, and I realized I pretty much eat the same snacks over and over.  In general, I am not hungry at snack times and I eat just to keep my blood sugar levels from taking a dive.  The not-being-hungry makes me not-very-creative.  Thanks to members of our secret group on Facebook (Join us? Click here, “like” my page, and comment with a request to join. I will add you to the secret group which can only be seen by members!) I am stepping out of my comfortable box and sharing some great ideas for snacks which fit my plan… and which are easy and tasty so I will actually eat them.  These are my faves so far:

1) One small pear and one string cheese. Slice pear into 8 slices and cut them in half again to make 16 chunks.  Cut string cheese into 8 pieces and make skewers of pear/cheese/pear on toothpicks.

2) One Greek yogurt with 1/2 cup frozen berries, stevia to taste or very small drizzle of raw honey, and a handful of whole, raw almonds.

3) One small apple with a tablespoon of natural peanut butter and small handful of whole, raw almonds.

4) 1/2 cup of cottage cheese (not reduced fat!) and half cup of berries. (Okay, so I personally hate cottage cheese.  But there are lots of people who love it and you might be one of them… and this snack would be a great choice for you.)

5) Beef or Turkey Jerky (low sodium with no sugar used in preparation) with a small navel orange or 6 green grapes.

6) 1/2 cup of pumpkin seeds with 6 raw baby carrots.

7) Lettuce deli wrap:  One large piece of leaf lettuce layered with two slices of low sodium deli meat (not the honey kind!), a sprinkle of shredded cheese and slice of tomato, sea salt and pepper… roll up and enjoy.

8) Lettuce bean burrito:  1/2 cup black beans mixed with one tablespoon of no-sugar-added salsa.  Mash with fork and heat in microwave.  Roll up in piece of romaine lettuce with sprinkle of cheese.

9) Open-faced banana sandwich:  1/2 of a 100% whole wheat “bagel thin” spread with natural peanut butter (Smuckers is the only kind I use) and toasted in toaster oven.  Top with 1/2 sliced banana and 4 raw pecan halves.

10) A few celery sticks filled with almond butter and topped with whole almonds.

11) Two tablespoons of hummus with celery, carrots, and snow peas.

12) 1/4 cup of old fashioned oats cooked on stove with 1/2 cup of water, sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg, one packet of stevia, and whisk in one egg during last minute of cooking. You won’t taste it! Top with a handful of walnuts or almonds and 1/4 of a thinly sliced apple.

I will look for more gourmet ideas and do some taste testing for future posts, but the above are snacks I either have had pretty regularly on my health plan or that I know I would like (minus the cottage cheese one, but I gave that disclaimer already!) Please comment below if this helps and if you have other ideas for great snacks which follow the general rules of the plan!

Now, for more Grace Counting:

121. 122. 123. A Gift in Losing, Finding, Making Something... I lost my closest friend a long time ago.  The broken heart almost killed me and I used it as an excuse to become mean, ugly, bitter for a time.  But You found me, dug me out of the pit, and helped me find me again, too.  And then you made something beautiful out of nothing, convicted me of sin and cleansed me, healed my broken heart.  When the scar aches now, I remember Your faithfulness when I wasn’t faithful to You.  Thank You for loving me enough not to leave me in that place.

124. The sweetest date night with Cowboy Saturday, even including the scary drive home in the fiercest snow-so-thick-we-couldn’t-see-the-road-at-all. I love being anywhere with him.

125.  Clothes for church that do not have to be completely removed for me to nurse BraveHeart!  Thankful for Cowboy’s sister who kept the older Hearts, Cowboy’s mom who went with me to care for BraveHeart while I tried on clothes, thankful there were some that fit, and truthfully, thankful the shopping trip for the next few months is over.

126.  Thankful for my mom, who (though sick with a nasty cold) is picking up TrueHeart from tumbling for me tonight so I would not have to make two trips to Florence in one day.  I don’t know what I would do without her, Lord.

 Corrie Mims


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Perfect Brown Rice Recipe


Here is my recipe for the most perfectly nutty, slightly chewy brown rice and the way I serve it in single portions to fit my healthy eating plan.  You may use any brown rice you like as long as it is not quick-cooking rice.  It is so easy and delicious, you will wonder why you have been eating white rice all this time!  Preheat your oven to 375 degrees.



First, you need a Tablespoon plus a teaspoon of real butter.  And a 9 x 13 casserole dish.



Now, you need to pour 4 2/3 cups of water into either a small pot to heat on the stove or a microwaveable bowl.  Add your butter and 1 teaspoon of sea salt.  Use filtered water if you have funky tasting water.  Put it in the microwave or on the stove and heat until just boiling and butter is melted.




While it is heating, pour 3 cups of brown rice into a 9 x 13 casserole dish.  Spread it out evenly over the bottom of the dish.




Give the water/butter/salt mixture a good stir and pour over rice in dish.  (And by all means, turn baby in Maya Wrap away from the hot water.)  Stir the rice gently to settle any displaced rice back into an even layer.




Cover dish wish a DOUBLE layer of foil and seal carefully with your hands all the way around.  Place in oven and bake for 1 hour.




Remove from oven and carefully remove foil.  Fluff rice with fork and cover with a clean kitchen towel. (I know, sounds crazy, but it is important!  Just do it!)  Let rest for 5 minutes.  Set your timer.  Then, uncover rice and fluff again.  Allow to sit for 5 more minutes before serving.  If I am not eating right away, I allow it to sit for 15 more minutes and then begin the packing and freezing process.  This is how I do it:




One heaping 1/3 of a cup spooned into a cheap plastic sandwich bag.  Don’t use the nice thick ones.  Really.




Flatten and seal by patting vigorously with your hand, creating a single layer of rice.  Burp the bag a couple of times to get most of the air out.




Stack the bags of flattened rice (you should have at least 17, up to 20 of them) and store them just like this in your freezer.  When you are ready for a serving, grab one of the bags, poke a few holes in it with a fork, and microwave just until it begins to puff up like the bag is going to explode.  Remove carefully from microwave and pour onto plate.  You may also add it to a hot skillet as an alternative and it will be ready in seconds.

It really is the perfect brown rice!  Try it and let me know what you think.

The pictures are courtesy of TrueHeart who blogs pictures only over at  She wasn’t happy with the rushed job in poor lighting I was requiring her to do, so check out her regular work.  She will be thrilled to see her blog stats rise with number of views, and I love it when she is happy!  Thanks a bunch.

Corrie Mims


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THE Eating Plan Overview… and Joy Dare #101-103

First, let me say I had more hits on my blog yesterday than any other day since I have been blogging except for one (which was the day I wrote about my funeral– go figure– people really want to lose weight, but more than that, want to see me dead!  Just kidding.)  I have also had so many personal e-mails, comments, and texts about it and I realized just how important this plan really might be if it can help all of us to become healthier.

It has overwhelmed me… in the most glorious way.  And humbled and encouraged me that you would want to take this journey with us.

I am going to give a brief overview of the plan today.  I know some of you are in a hurry to start, but I recommend you wait until Monday so I will have a few more days to write all the information you will need.  (BraveHeart had shots today, so I will write as much as I can as often as I can.  Please be patient with me.)

I also need to give a disclaimer:  This is not intended to diagnose or cure any diseases and may or may not give you the same results it has given me.  Also, I have done years of research, but I didn’t know I would be writing this so I didn’t write down the references.  I will try in the weeks to come to point you to scientific studies which support this plan of eating, but today I am just giving you the framework as simply as I know how.  It can easily be adjusted to fit special diet needs, like gluten-free/dairy free, etc. but my plan is not either of those.

I am going to start with my favorite part about the plan, and K.’s favorite part, too.  This is the core that keeps me committed, though if you are an all or nothing kind of person… you may balk when you read it.  Ready?

You get Saturday supper through Sunday lunch OFF.  Completely.  You eat whatever you want.  I am totally serious!  Pizza, french fries, lasagna, fried cheese sticks.  I know, I know– not healthy eating.  But here’s the thing… if you get those meals off you are more likely to stick with the plan during the week, and believe it or not, after a couple of weeks you will feel so miserable on your day off and realize even more how important the healthy eating during the rest of the week really is!  There is also science behind this, well at least the sudden change in number of calories and kinds of food you are giving your body for one day a week.  It shocks your body somehow and helps you not to plateau and get frustrated.  You don’t have to believe me, you just have to follow the plan and then tell me if it works for you!

Here is my other favorite part (notice I’m starting with the good stuff?)…

Every single night, you get to eat one small piece of very dark chocolate.  Now, now… you may think you don’t like dark chocolate, but once you are eating on the plan I can almost promise you that you will learn to appreciate it.  I eat high quality 85% cacao chocolate (such as Green & Black’s organic chocolate bar) which I buy at WalMart.

Important note:  Everything I eat I buy from WalMart or Aldi.  I don’t generally buy expensive foods.  The chocolate is eaten in very small little blocks over 10 days, so paying 3 dollars for it isn’t a big deal.  Trust me, having this treat slowly melt in your mouth an hour or so before bed will be a huge highlight of your day.  Not only that, the cacao actually helps the body to release belly fat per some study I read recently and is full of antioxidants (the chocolate, not the sugar, hence the darkest of dark chocolates!) Whatever- it just helps me get through my eating plan the rest of the day.

Now, this is when things get a little harder… but completely doable.

You must eat real food from Sunday afternoon until the following Saturday afternoon.  No quick packaged meals or chips or snacks.  The good news about this is that those foods are expensive anyway, and the way I will teach you to eat will be much better for your body.  You will feel the difference at least after 48 hours on the plan… Your system will literally feel clean and your energy level will begin to improve.

You must eat 3 meals and 3 snacks per day, around 2-3 hours apart.  For example, I have to take my thyroid medicine on an empty stomach and wait an hour to eat, so I eat breakfast at 8 am, snack at 10ish, lunch at 12, snack at 3 pm, supper at 6 pm, and have my chocolate bite around 9 pm.

You must eat protein and fat with every meal and every snack (except with your chocolate mini-snack). You are unlimited in which proteins (not how much) you can eat, and forget what you were told in those low-fat diet books.  Chicken skin should be left on your chicken when possible.

You will consume only natural fats.  NO margarine. (Don’t even get me started on that non-food.)  You will use real butter to cook your eggs, coconut oil if you like it (I do!), extra virgin olive oil, and the fats naturally found in meats like salmon filets and chicken thighs.

You will eat carbohydrates, but only certain ones and in small servings (other than some veggies, which are unlimited) along with your protein and fat.  You will eat the carbs that digest more slowly in your system.  Examples include half of a whole wheat bagel (or one whole wheat bagel “Thins”), a slice of 100% whole wheat bread (or other high fiber bread with minimal sugar added), one small whole wheat tortilla, a small sweet potato or 1/3 cup of cooked brown rice (I have the recipe for brown rice that makes it perfect which I will blog about in the next couple of days.  You can make a huge casserole of it and split it into single serving freezer bags, which I will show you how to do.  Then you can have it ready in 45 seconds.  No kidding.)

You will eat as many low-sugar vegetables as you want.  Roast them, steam them, or eat them raw.  Examples include broccoli, cauliflower, baby spinach, turnip greens, green bell peppers.  You may eat a small serving of higher sugar vegetables like red or yellow peppers, carrots, and tomatoes with each meal.

You may eat only lower sugar fruits during the week, and up to two servings per day.  These include an apple, a pear, and any berries.  (Eat your fruit whole, no canned pears or applesauce, even if they are unsweetened!)  Apples will keep an eternity in your fridge and you can buy bags of frozen berries at WalMart– so no excuses here on not being able to get to the grocery store often enough.  (Trust me– I shop as little as possible.  I hate to shop.)

You may drink anything that does not have an artificial sweetener or sugar, corn syrup, or anything that pretends to be that.  There is one exception.  You may have 1-2 packets of stevia per day.  Also, an occasional Splenda (sucralose) sweetened drink is acceptable, but don’t do it more than once a day, and count it as one of your two allowable servings of artificial sweetener.  (Once again, I will give research and explanations in future blogs– but trust me– They will stall your weight loss.  Ever notice so many people who struggle with their weight are addicted to Diet Coke? True story.)

No carbonated, artificially colored drinks during the week.  You can have your coffee with stevia and a splash of cream (real cream, not that artificial flavored stuff they call creamer made from oils and yuck).  You can drink water with a raspberry tea bag thrown in (this is what I do all the time) which adds a hint of fruit with no sweetener or calories.  You can have unsweetened tea (I know– for this Southern girl that was a real challenge at first… but I did get used to it and almost like it.  If I throw a raspberry tea bag in with it, it is even more tolerable. And I drink my sweet tea on Saturday-Sunday.)

Still with me?  I know this is a lot and my hands are cramping… but if I don’t explain the rules, you can’t adapt your own meals to the plan.  I cook almost every night for my family and they don’t need to lose weight nor are they game for big changes in their eating habits.  I had to learn how to cook a protein and vegetable we could all eat, and then a carb for them that they love but that I would not eat.  I just pull a serving of brown rice out of the freezer for me, or bake a small sweet potato alongside their white potatoes, for example.)

My favorite snacks include a handful of almonds, walnuts, or pecans (not roasted and salted, but raw and whole) along with an apple or pear.  However, as long as you have a natural, solid protein with a slower carb at the same time, you will be fine. 

No sugar (except your small piece of chocolate).  Just avoid it.  It wreaks havoc on your body, affecting every organ and system.  (Again, research will follow in the future.)

Okay, I know this is all over the place but I have a very unhappy two month old who can’t take much more of my typing.  Tomorrow I will cover how you need to move and one of my daily menus to give you an idea of what you can do with this.  I will also try to cover meals you can eat out as well. Oh, and dairy items.  Wow… there is still a bit to go.

Please comment below with questions and your own personal challenges/struggles.  I will use your questions to know what I still need to cover in the next few blogs.  I know this plan so well that I may be leaving out important facts!  Let me know where the holes are so I can fill them in…

And then there is the JOY!

101.  All of the special people behind the e-mails, texts, and comments I have received about my eating plan… many of them sharing stories of their lifelong weight struggles.  I am honored they would share with me!

102.  Another set of shots checked off for BraveHeart, and the allergist referral for next week for TenderHeart.

103.  Nana-in-law who is holding BraveHeart and comforting him after his shots while I frantically type this.  She helped me keep my promise to post this today.

Corrie Mims


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Out of my Mind but… Joy Dare #75-89


Why, oh why, didn’t someone tell me I have gone 10 days without a post? I really haven’t stopped being grateful. I promise.

I have, however, been dreadfully sick. Just a run-of-the-mill “common” cold, but why does “common” make you think it shouldn’t be that bad when in reality it jerks the world out from under you? I haven’t had a voice for a week now. I’m not complaining, just saying it is hard to communicate as homeschooling mom, mom in general, and especially mom to a toddler who


When Mama is sick, she can’t call in. The needs of the Hearts are still teeming and Mama is the only one who can meet most of them.

Well, Mama and Mama’s Mama and Cowboy’s Mama and Daddy Cowboy. I know I would have drowned without backup this week. For real.

Four out of the six of us have had the icky nasty cold at the same time. Thankfully, TrueHeart and BraveHeart were spared. I took an extra hit as the nursing mom when mine turned into mastitis and, somehow, only I have laryngitis. I am special, I tell you.

Cowboy says I have no immune system and doesn’t even want to let me go skating with the family for fear I will break a leg. I can’t deny I seem to be inclined to the unusual ailments.


Consider all of this a preface for this one statement:

I am losing. my. mind.

Yesterday, I left my van running. For two whole hours. I have never, ever done that before. I got all the kids out of the van and in the house, and even all the things done I was supposed to get done after that. Except the one thing. The turning-off-the-van-and-removing-key thing.


Then, I made from-scratch chicken soup and corn muffins for supper. (Even the chicken broth was completely from scratch-a wonderfully rich and perfect bone broth.) Everyone was happy and I was feeling…well… accomplished.

Until I told the story around the table about taking TenderHeart to the hospital for lab work yesterday morning and how I gave the valet a five dollar bill because I didn’t have a three dollar bill.

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

BUT... let me tell you how blessed this brain-drained Mama has been in the midst of it all…

(I don’t usually use the #1000Gifts prompts for daily thanks, but today I will use a few.)


75. 76. 77. A Grace Borrowed, Found, Inherited… Beth Moore’s Believing God Bible study borrowed from Kristie for our women’s Bible study group to start in a couple of weeks, my Moby wrap found in the bottom of the baby blanket basket, my love for learning and reading passed down from my Mama.

78. 79. 80. A Gift Before Dawn (Cowboy’s arms), After Noon (the new baby calf born on our farm with a good mother to care for her), at Dark (all the Hearts around our table for supper).

81. 82. 83. A Song Heard, A Soft Word, Light Seen… TrueHeart belting out, while doing chores, this Truth she knows: Oceans will part- nations come, At the whisper of Your call, Hope will rise- glory shown, In my life Your will be done; Cowboy’s “This is good” spoken over supper, an amazing pediatrician who took on TenderHeart’s symptoms and is beginning to shed light with tests and referrals in a place of murky questions for some time.

84. 85. 86. Three Old Things Seen New… Making real bone broth like they used to instead of pouring watered-down from a can, a pinecone still standing on my bookshelf from my outdoor Thanksgiving wedding, our chicken coop built by Cowboy and Cowboy’s Daddy from the slabs of old trees cut on our sawmill.

87. 88. 89. A Gift on Paper, in a Person, in a Picture.. Bills from hospital paid in full, the Mama and Mama-in-law who helped us this week, the pictures TenderHeart took of SweetHeart as a surprise for me.


Corrie Mims








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A Weary Gasping for Grace… Joy Dare #52-59

I woke up weary today. 

Yesterday was a beast and TrueHeart needs toothpaste, not the usual kind but the Optic White she says and TenderHeart hates this two-day-old gluten free diet and wants Raisin Bran and SweetHeart fell out of the kitchen chair and bumped her head and BraveHeart just won’t stop crying and sleep and Cowboy whispered an I miss you without words and I am still counting graces but need to stop bouncing baby to write them and I need more time to work my business and connect with all the Hearts and cook the meals and clean the dirty and… I am failing them all and I feel it and I can’t seem to get ahead of it to fix it and…

I am tired. 

And yet, my obstacles have different names but are the same as yours and I was reminded today that there can be no excuses for our inward rant as we are called to listen and love. 

Ann Voskamp writes to me (just to me, it always seems)…

Knowing every interruption is a call from your Master — is liberation.

When you named Him your Lord, you gave Him right to your life on His time: Every interruption is a new work order from God.


I pause and whisper sorry and please forgive and gasp for grace. 

This life is Yours, Holy Lord. You breathed it, blessed it, brought it to Yours and I must stop trying to wrestle it back into my simple, unskilled hands.  My time is not mine.  It is Yours. 

Today, I choose to live in obedience… each interruption, each need… a direct request from You to stop my agenda and follow Yours.  I do so in faith, believing You will bless all You have called me to do as I am faithful with the time You graciously give. 

I am frail and so very, very prone to selfishness and pride and all the other sins of my flesh.  Teach me Your way, O Lord. 

It is always, always better.

52. A trade of beds thanks to Cowboy’s parents and Julie and Frank and new room not for king but for princess and prince to slumber between.

53. Snuggling with TenderHeart yesterday to learn of Nero and Marcus Aurelius and the Lobi in Burkina Faso and his tenderness and compassion for those who don’t know You.

54.  Your patience and grace to help me teach Algebra I to TrueHeart who does not love it as I do but has submitted to the discipline of learning anyway. 

55.  The amazing blessings You gave in the short few hours I was able to work yesterday and how You prove Your faithfulness every.single.moment.

56. The energetic and real class of third and fourth graders who taught me as I taught them last night at church and reminded me how childlike faith looks and feels.

57. That these interruptions are opportunities and Your grace is enough and Your Spirit lives in me to help me obey.

58.  The e-mail from Stan and how he always knows just what to say when he doesn’t have a clue what is going on in my heart and how his love shown in words so often soothes weary rawness. 

59.  The few minutes on knees and full of weary tears and how You answered then and how You are still answering… now. 

Thank You for these, this grace.

Corrie Mims



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Joy Dare #48-51

My TrueHeart and TenderHeart have been away for 2 1/2 weeks in Missouri. They had an amazing time… but they finally came home last night.

So my counted blessings were captured in pictures last night:









My heart was whole again, with all its little pieces tucked away to dream…

Safely home.

Thank You, Father, for my babies.

Corrie Mims

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