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Hurt People Hurt People… Joy Dare #69-74

He heals the brokenhearted
And binds up their wounds.

-Psalm 147:3

No matter where you work, the likelihood is that you have to deal with people.  Just because I work from home and have my own business does not mean I am exempt from this.  I love my job because I don’t have to have parties and I don’t have to cold- call people and I make my own hours and work as little or as much as I choose each day… However, there are still difficult moments because… (sigh)… I do have to deal with people.  Most days, these people are highlights of my experience and I have happy conversations to report to Cowboy when he gets home at night.  Today was not one of those days as a very angry man decided to vent his life’s heartache in a tirade of cursing and ugliness… directly at me.

And apparently, the first time wasn’t relieving enough… since he called back and left a scathing voicemail.  It is puzzling because I only call people who have specifically expressed an interest in learning more about this business and who have given their phone number for that purpose.  I had spoken with him several times, taken him completely through the information which is very clear and not in any way secretive or misleading.  (I say this because I worked for a company initially who did not operate with such integrity, and which I subsequently left.) He continued to follow the process and take the next step, but waited until I introduced him to my director/trainer on a conference call (a very, very successful and wise man of God) to…completely… and totally… LOSE IT.

The words he used like rapid fire are still burning in my ears and I just keep thinking how sad it all is… that someone who needs a job, who has an engineering degree but hasn’t worked in 5 years, who lives off of unemployment and cannot get hired in all the places he has tried… refuses to try something different that could change his life forever… all because he is too proud, too angry, and obviously… too wounded.

My director said to me afterwards, “Corrie, hurt people hurt people.”  I cried and cried for him (because my skin is, as always, too thin) but mostly because he told me his story and the depth of his need, but wouldn’t let me help him.  In trying to find the gratitude “in all circumstances,” and in talking to the Lord about it, I came to this conclusion…

He is a lonely, hurting, wounded man.  He kept taking the next step because he needed the interaction and the encouragement and the hope- but once he reached the last step and was faced with making a decision to start his own business… He just couldn’t take the risk of failing AGAIN.  I pray for him- and hope he did find encouragement from me somehow.  Maybe something I said will drive him to look UP where the only TRUE HELP comes from.

It is hard not to take these things personally, but I talk to so many people who are a delight and bring such joy and encouragement to me.  Today I am thankful for the reminder that…

69.  There are hurting people out there who need grace, encouragement, and hope… and I have all those because of You.  Thank you for the chance I have to talk to them, and please use it for Your glory… even when it hurts my heart. 

70.  TrueHeart’s first tumbling class with a new teacher and her favorite friend, and TenderHeart’s first karate class ever, which is also with his favorite friend. Thankful for Lori Ann who took TrueHeart so I could take TenderHeart, and also for my Mama who kept SweetHeart from the long ride and all the waiting (and had her bathed and ready for bed when I came to pick her up!)  All the little acts of kindness

71.  The people on my “team” at work who have spoken such blessing into my life this week.  Thank You for bringing them into my life, and for how they honor You with theirs. 

72.  For my Mama who took TrueHeart to the orthodontist to fix a sharp wire and brought (bought) pretty much everything in the “gluten-free” section at WalMart yesterday for TenderHeart.  She came in with bags and bags of encouragement for the soul who just.wants.a.sandwich.

73.  The emotional parenting crisis I had yesterday, the phone call which brought it into perspective, and the peaceful resolution which followed. 

74.  The decision last night, from total exhaustion, to just lay down (lie? I can never remember) with Cowboy, SweetHeart, and BraveHeart and let us all fall gently asleep together.  There was no wrestling, no crying… just snuggles and peaceful sleep.  SweetHeart reached over and rubbed my arm and I whispered, “I love you.”  She nodded her head, smiling sweetly around the thumb in her mouth, the perfect

Corrie Mims

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A Resolution Made Easier… Joy Dare #22-26

Cowboy on his backhoe.

One of my New Year’s resolutions (after years of not making any) is to memorize Scripture weekly and systematically.  Once we become adults, it is easy to fall off the memorization train and having the entire Bible at the touch of a button on our smart phones makes it easier to avoid the discipline…but…

I want to hide His word in my heart not my phone. 

Then, as if in answer to the private list of changes I need and want to make this year, Ann Voskamp (from a challenge today to memorize Romans 1, 8, and 12 together this year.  She gave an easy downloadable printout to do so with just 2-3 verses a week. (Click here for your very own!)

Will you join us for the challenge?  Send me a message or comment here or on my facebook page if you will.  We can encourage one another…

to hide Him deeply and well.  This is the way He digs out the weeds and dramatically overhauls the very core of who we are, what we believe, and how we behave.

Because as a man thinks in his heart… so is he. 

This is the first of my counted blessings this day!

#22- A scripture memory help for Romans 1, 8, and 12 from my favorite writer who always points me back to The Best Writer.

#23- TenderHeart’s sweet conversation over the phone with me today, and the crisis of breathing and feelings which was averted just in time.  He is called TenderHeart for a reason.

#24- An unexpected visit from Mama and Papa which also gave me the chance to go outside and cut Cowboy’s hair for him.

#25- A productive couple of hours of work in my business while the littles slept.  (This is what I do.)

#26- A couple of hours to snuggle and watch a movie with Cowboy tonight, his idea.  A rare treat indeed.

Those new mercies were a promise kept today, Lord, as Your promises

always. are.

Thank You.

Corrie Mims






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I Ran Away From Home (and Why You Should, Too!)

Getaway to the Smokies

At 24 weeks pregnant with our 4th baby, and knowing I will not be able to get away alone with my man again until baby Jack stops nursing exclusively and is eating solids, my Cowboy and I decided to take a few days and run away together.

Because we have wonderful family who would take amazing care of our children with only a couple weeks notice, we began searching earnestly for the perfect place for our romantic getaway. We only had a few requirements:

 1. NOT touristy.

2. Quiet.

3. Beautiful view.

4. Outside, private jacuzzi.

5. Reasonably priced.

6. Clean.

7. Less than a 4 hour drive.

8. I am in a very high-risk pregnancy and needed to also be within 30 minutes of a state-of-the-art hospital. And flying was not an option for the same reason.

9. Availability with only two weeks notice.

Easy, right? Umm. No. We looked at hundreds of possibilities, and most were excluded for not meeting one of the above requirements. We found a couple of properties on that looked promising and received a quick response from both property owners.

However, Carl Johnson’s “Bear’s Den” from The Cottages of Dark Corner stood out as the only property which matched all of our needs and wants. They are located in Saluda, NC which meant we barely had to cross our state line from SC into NC (about a 3 hour drive).

Historical Saluda, NC

Yes, it was a three bedroom which we didn’t really need, but it was priced so reasonably ($124 a night, plus tax) and was fully furnished! It was also only a 30 minute drive to Asheville (where we did not go, because we enjoyed Saluda and Columbus, NC so much and preferred the quaintness to the big city). Best of all, it was located on an old, remote farm full of family history (owned by third generation) and had the most beautiful and secluded view of the Smoky Mountains from the back deck. Carl even had the jacuzzi heated and waiting for us when we arrived! (Yes, we lowered the temperature to 80 degrees because I am pregnant, for all you worried mamas out there!)

Jacuzzi with Smoky Mountain view!

I spoke with Carl a few times on the phone, but we didn’t even meet him while we were there. This isn’t because he wasn’t available. All of his contact numbers were listed and his homestead was a short drive away. However, he had a lockbox on the door which held the key to the cottage. He e-mailed us the code to unlock the box and we only had to put the keys back as we left! He and his wife obviously understand the privacy and peace a couple seeks when they come to his cottage! (Have you ever stayed at a bed and breakfast where the owners wanted to visit with you the entire time? Or at a crowded hotel where you couldn’t get away from the noisy neighbors or the traffic outside your window? Ugh.)

We felt as if we had stepped into another world, and it belonged only to us. What a gift! I highly recommend the Bear’s Den (click here for link) and please tell them if you go that you heard about them from my blog. (No discounts for me. I just want the Johnsons to know how blessed we were by their place!)

Local Pottery from Saluda, NC

The memories I made there with my cowboy will forever be treasured in my heart.  And I have a handthrown beautiful pottery mug from a local artist to remember it all, with chickens on it, even.  Could life be more joyful?!

Read why YOU should run away from home here:  Why You Should Run Away


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Home-worker, Homeschooler, Homemaker

This is a new beginning- I love those!  I needed a blog specifically for my work-from-home, homeschooling, and homemaking ideas so they can, ultimately, change the world.  And, here it is.

I named it The Working Home because in every way, we are all trying to make our homes work for us while we work for our homes, right?  For those of you like me who are work-from-home moms or dads and are juggling home business responsibilities as well as caring for your children and the needs of your family on a day to day basis,  you know the difficulty of balancing all those roles and making them work for everyone involved!

This blog is meant to help with the balance act and bring joy to the journey.  So, if you need a friend and encourager along the way, I’m your gal.  Let’s go!


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