Corrie’s Health Plan Q & A… Joy Dare #118-120

15 Feb

Corrie's Health Plan Snack

We now have 22 members in our secret weight loss group on Facebook, and we are already seeing great results!  On my health plan, you should lose 2-3 pounds per week without feeling deprived or giving up forever the foods you love.

Want to join us? Send me a message and let me know.  I will friend you and add you to the secret group:

I have been receiving lots of questions through private message and in our secret group so I am going to cover as many as I can here.  I welcome any and all questions, so feel free to comment below if you have one and I will do my best to answer it for you!

1) What kinds of fats are you eating at snack time? I get the butter and oil for cooking but snacks? Are nuts considered a protein and a fat?

Yes, nuts are a protein and a fat. If there is a natural fat in the protein, like hamburger meat, you don’t have to add another fat… but you can if you want to.  This isn’t a low fat diet by any means, you are just restricted to eating fats which have not been modified drastically from their original form.  Real butter, no margarine, for example.  Coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil, but preferably little to no corn oil or canola oil.  Other than olive oil, your fat should be solid at room temperature.  Margarine is not food.  I read an informal study that said it does not ever mold and and flies won’t eat it.  That should tell you something right there.  (Feel free to try the experiment and see if it is true.) Give your body food it can recognize.

2) What about using honey as a sugar substitute?

This has been my most asked question by far.  We have our own bees (but alas, never get any of their honey due to some serious robber bees in our area!  They still pollinate our garden though, so we love them dearly.) I do use raw honey occasionally drizzled on plain Greek yogurt or on a whole wheat homemade waffle or homemade sourdough pancake, but in very small amounts. I love it and it really is good for you- but it does elevate your blood sugar levels so I try to wait until the weight starts really coming off before I add it in.  Make sure if you are having honey that you use RAW HONEY. Not pasteurized. If you are buying it in a store, it is the wrong kind. My awesome beekeeping-big-brother Stan sells it and it is the best honey you will ever taste. (Learn more about this most delicious honey here:  Happy Hills Bees)

Also, like the dairy, if you get even a little heavy handed with it or don’t balance it with a solid protein, your weight loss will stop. You have to decide if you want to risk it this early or not. I stay away from it the first few weeks and then slowly add it in, watching the scale as I go.

3) I got stuck at mealtime without a healthy carb! What do I do?

You must plan ahead.  Always put an apple and some nuts in your bag before leaving to go anywhere.  You never know when you will get stuck somewhere.  At home, make my brown rice recipe and freeze in portions like I show you here– Then you will never be without a healthy whole carb again.

4) I am eating like I should, but I don’t like to drink much during the day. Is that a problem?

You must drink more. Much, much more. Fat cells never leave but just collapse and when they collapse and release their contents, it goes into your bloodstream to be filtered by your liver and kidneys. All the toxins from processed foods, etc. are stored in the fat, and it can make you feel awful, sick, and toxic if you aren’t drinking enough to flush it quickly out of your system.

5) Help!  I added all this natural fiber in to my diet after eating mostly processed foods and I am, well, stopped up!  I am going to be constipated forever?

Miralax for your bowels isn’t a bad idea in the beginning- to move things through in a healthy way, but quickly and comfortably.  You can buy the generic version at Walmart and use a capful per day in your coffee, water, or tea.  It does not change taste or texture.  No, you will not always need to use it.  After you eat this way for a few weeks, your body should become more regular and normal than it has ever been! Give it time to release the toxins first.

6) I don’t like eggs, so I am having yogurt for breakfast with toast and also yogurt for a snack as well as string cheese. That’s okay, right?

I am concerned you are having too much dairy in one day. Two yogurts plus a string cheese plus cream or half & half in your coffee. That much dairy will slow your weight loss. You can handle this one of two ways- You can cut back on the dairy in one day, or you can wait and see how much weight you lose the first week and only cut back if you aren’t losing. Completely up to you, but either way, don’t let it discourage you.

You are running a risk by having toast AND yogurt in the morning. The yogurt has carbs and protein in it. You may be having too many carbs with your protein. If you want more than the yogurt and berries, just add some nuts and skip the toast.

6, 7, & 8) What brand of bread do you buy? Do you ever make your own bread? Do you eat oatmeal?

Yes, oatmeal is okay but only old fashioned oats you cook yourself. I will give you my recipe for them soon. You have to eat them with 2 eggs. No quick cooking or instant.

I use a few different kinds of bread. Arnold’s is my favorite, but any completely (100%) whole grain that is low in sugar and higher in fiber is fine! I do make my own sourdough bread but that is more complicated and I will explain that in coming weeks. And only eat one slice.  

9 & 10) Why 2 eggs…..I can hardly eat 2 eggs, let alone 2 eggs and oats. Why raw nuts and not roasted?

When the nuts are roasted, as yummy as they are, it changes the makeup of the natural oils in them. The high heat makes them not as good for you. Two eggs are necessary to get enough protein, but I stir them into my oatmeal as I cook it and you don’t taste them AT ALL. K. didn’t believe me until I showed her how and she was amazed. I will post how to do it. If you can’t stomach the eggs, eat some leftover chicken with it or the like… you can’t have the oatmeal without the protein.

11) How do you decide how much protein is needed with a carb. I just had a small apple and a handful of almonds which was 6 grams of protein. Is that good?

That was a good ratio for a snack, but I try to do a bit higher protein ratio with a meal. I don’t count the protein though.. because I can’t do strict diets where I have to weigh or count stuff. You need your protein to be weightier than your carbs, even the healthy carbs. Think of it like a plate where at least a 1/4 is protein (sometimes more like a 1/2 for me), less than 1/4 quick carbs like rice or potato or oats or fruit, and 1/2 low sugar veggies.

12) Eating a “light” yogurt like Activia will work on this plan?

I don’t recommend the Activia Light yogurt on my plan. Although they make it sound good because of the no sugar added and fat free plastered on the front, if you look at the ingredients it has lots of stuff added… like modified food starch, corn starch, carageenan, etc. When eating on my plan, you need to eat foods that are as close to their natural way as possible. For example, I make my own yogurt (tutorial later) fairly often and there is only one ingredient in it: Milk. I add fruit to it when I eat it but it is very simple. That’s why I recommend Chobani because if you get the one with the fruit on the bottom, the ingredients are very simple and easy to understand. It does have raw cane sugar in it, but that is a natural sugar that is better for you than beet sugar and is used only in a small amount. It is a sugar your body can recognize and isn’t modified in any way. It really makes a difference. You can also buy the Chobani plain Greek yogurt and add your own fruit. The Greek part is important because it is double the protein of regular yogurt!

13) Can I still call it baby weight when the baby is 18 months old?

Yes.  And if your baby is say, in her 30s, still call it baby weight.  Having babies changes our bodies forever- Embrace it and be thankful for it, but get healthy and down to a normal post-baby-weight-for-you on this plan.

14) WOOHOOOOOO!!! Down 2 lbs since MONDAY!!! Passed a wall on the scale that I haven’t been able to get under for YEARS!!! Thank you, Corrie!!  The exciting thing is….I can live this way. So tired of sneaking 3- 100 calorie packs at a time and NEVER feeling satisfied and ALWAYS feeling deprived and still not losing weight!

That is why I eat this way- it makes me feel satisfied and not deprived. It also is reasonable and doesn’t make me give up for eternity the treats I enjoy or use foods I hate. It doesn’t require I cook two separate meals for my family, either, which is just not sustainable. That is why I created this system and I can’t tell you how excited I am that it is working for you.

15 & 16) So, I’m realizing that I need to eat smaller portions so that I am hungry enough to eat 5 x’s a day. Is the chocolate meant to be eaten totally alone or can it be incorporated with a snack.

Yes! Make your portions smaller, just keep the ratios the same of protein to carbs. I eat the chocolate totally alone just before bedtime, but it could be incorporated with a snack, I think.

17) I know you always eat fat with the protein, but are you saying you also ALWAYS eat an equal amount of carbs?

No, sometimes I just have a handful of nuts and no apple for a snack, for example, if I am not very hungry. But don’t skip the carbs for two meals/snacks back to back because your brain needs some quick sugars found naturally in foods to function properly. And don’t ever have the carbs without the protein.  

18) Would avocado be a good fat to add?

Yes, a little avocado is always good!!!

19) If I stay on this plan forever, will I keep losing 2-3 pounds per week no matter what?

No.  In my experience on this plan, you will continue to lose until you reach a healthy weight/BMI for your body.  Then, the weight loss will stop but you will continue seeing improvements in your skin, hair, blood pressure, and every system in your body as the old cells (made from your processed foods) continue to die off and are replaced by new cells (made from your healthy eating on this plan) are formed. If you have an unhealthy goal weight for your body, adjust your thinking. Here is a chart to help you: (from

Also, there are medical conditions which may make it difficult for your body to release the weight.  If you have a thyroid condition, or kidney problems, or take steroids for autoimmune disease, etc., it may take longer to see a move on the scale… but you will still be healthier and it is worth the change!

20) Do I have to exercise?  I hate exercising.

Yes and no.  No, you don’t have to exercise to lose some weight and become healthier just from the eating plan.  However, if you don’t do some kind of strength training 2-3 times per week, you will see less of a move on the scale and you will get flabbier where the fat is leaving instead of looking trimmer and fit.  Here is my simple workout for the first four weeks.

21) Why did I see a bigger move on the scale the first week than I have any week since then, even though I am still losing?

Your body will release a little more the first week because it will release water weight first.  Then, it will just be releasing fat the weeks after that.  So, pick up a pound of butter, stack it on a plate and really look at it.  Know that for every pound you lose, you have lost that much weight in FAT.  It is a very good feeling!

Still have questions I didn’t cover?  Send them to me or comment below and I will cover your question in a future Q&A post!

Corrie Mims

Joy Dare, continued:

118.  A sweet and quiet Valentine’s night with my Cowboy since my Mama asked if the three older Hearts could spend the night with her.  I cooked a delicious shrimp and broccoli meal (served over pasta for Cowboy, with brown rice for me) and we had uninterrupted time to just enjoy one another.  What a gift!

119.  Two more verses committed to memory in my Romans Project challenge!

120.  Another move on the scale.  Thank you, Lord, for continuing to help my body move in the right direction toward health and fitness!  Thank you for the temple you gave me.


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