To the Cowboy Who Will Never Read This… Joy Dare #111-117

14 Feb

You mended me like a worn out fence.

You took all the tiny, ugly, angry little pieces of my heart and

slowly, perfectly put them back together again.

That is your way.

You fix things.

You have been my Boaz, Hosea, Samuel, Isaac…

You have been like Jesus.

Steady and sure, strong yet tender,

always, always there.

I watch you on the backhoe,

digging and moving and packing and smoothing…

just as you did with my brokenness.

Your love woke me up, made me new again,

gave me hope and home.

To the Cowboy who will never read this because he only reads his Bible and researches farm needs,

who wishes Facebook and social media would collapse into dust…

who deals with everyone exactly the same, never puts on airs, hates the phone and change…

You changed everything that was normal to you just to love me… to love us.

To the man who makes the exact same morning sounds as every other day in the exact same order,

who wears only gray socks and gray t-shirts because clothes are just a necessity,

who looks at me like I’m beautiful, whole, treasured…

You still make knees weak, butterflies stir, voice catch, breath quicken.


To the Cowboy who doesn’t like Valentine’s Day because it is a silly marketing ploy and thinks holidays are frivolous in general…

There is nothing everyday about your everyday love.

Your life is daily poured out in a Valentine to me.

Actions, not words, speak love from a Cowboy.

And this Cowboy is Mine.

And I…

I am forever, his.


Corrie Mims

Joy Dare:

111. My Cowboy Valentine. He came directly from Your hand, Lord. Of this I am sure.

112. TenderHeart’s allergy testing yesterday, that it is over and that we finally have answers and a treatment plan.

113. Kelsey’s willingness to babysit and make busy bags and always come at a moment’s notice. She is a treasure.

114. Cowboy’s mom who took on most every duty of mine she could this week while I have been sick- errands, childcare, running TrueHeart and TenderHeart to activities.

115. The ability to eat real foods, and how they make me feel.

116. SweetHeart’s one success in the little potty. It really was an exciting blessing for this mom of four.

117. The way you have loved me, and shown me, with your Son. I love you, too.



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2 responses to “To the Cowboy Who Will Never Read This… Joy Dare #111-117

  1. Karen

    February 14, 2013 at 12:15 pm

    Thankful God placed you all together and that love blooms daily in your home!!!

  2. Kelsey Coker

    February 15, 2013 at 12:32 am

    My heart just melts when i read this! I hope one day that i will find a man that’s just as worthy as Uncle Cowboy. He is a true definition of what a man needs to be. What a role model he has been for me. And how he has changed my outlook on Men. I am so glad that God blessed you with this wonderful man cause while he blessed you he bless me by making him my Uncle and making a difference in my life.
    PS. I didn’t realize how young Trueheart was when Cowboy came into her life. Its amazing how she is blossoming into a young lady.
    – K.


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