Weeks One Through Four Workout Plan

11 Feb


For those who are interested in the way I workout, I will post my plan and update as it changes.  I have 16 weeks worth of training exercises that I printed online years ago which doesn’t exist in that form anymore.  I don’t want to infringe on any copyrights but I have modified things to fit my life anyway so they aren’t the same as the original.  The exercises increase in intensity gradually every 4 weeks, but never take more than 15 minutes.  I will post free links to videos of the exercises in case you don’t already know what they are (but I am NOT posting videos of ME doing the exercises.  Don’t even ask.  It is not a pretty sight when I exercise, but it gets the job done!) Simply click on the name of the exercise to link to the video.

I do the strength training 3 times per week, alternating between workout 1 and workout 2.  So, the first week I would do workout 1 the first exercise day, workout 2 the second day, and workout 1 again the 3rd day… with at least one rest day between each workout.  The second week, I would start with workout 2 the first day, workout 1 the second day, and back to workout 2 the third day.  Follow me?

I workout in super sets of two exercises per set.  You will understand more as I tell you the routine, but just know that the exercises are grouped and you will repeat the super sets of two exercises several times before you move on to another set of two different exercises.  I will give you the repetitions or reps (number of times you complete each exercise) as well as the number of sets (number of times you complete the sequence of two exercises including all the reps before you move on to the next set of different exercises). 

Workout One

A.  8-10 squats followed immediately by 10-12 bench back extensions (I use my ottoman), rest 30 seconds and do them all again and rest 30 seconds. Then, by week 3, you should repeat them all again for the third time.

B.  10-12 hip extensions immediately followed by 10-12 kneeling assisted push ups (a “girl” pushup with hands on an ottoman or bench). Rest and repeat, just like with the first set.  Again, add an extra third set by week 3.

C.  6-8 bird dogs each side followed by a 20 second plank, rest and repeat, adding another repeat by week 3. 

You get the idea?  Okay, so shorthand now for

Workout Two:

A.  6-8 split squats each side, 10-12 stickups, rest and repeat, by week 3 rest and repeat 3rd time

B.  6-8 one-leg hip extensions each side followed by a 20 second side plank, rest and repeat with plank on other side.

C.  8-10 Y squats followed by a 20 second push up plank, rest and repeat, add 3rd set by week 3. 

If you don’t like these exercises, just find some kind of strength training exercise you like, and do it.  That’s the most important thing and the hardest thing… to do it. 

Also, I alternate these strength training workouts with walking briskly on the farm for 30-40 minutes three days per week.  If you don’t like to walk or its raining or whatever- just do something.  Swim, ride a bike, play the Wii Fit, run in place in intervals, or use the Couch to 5K running app on your iPhone… just find something you like to do that gets you moving constantly for 30-40 minutes and DO IT.

That’s all.  It will really speed up your weight fat loss and will make you feel incredible!  You will start seeing waist definition almost immediately, and yes, you will get sore… but the good kind of sore.  And the more muscle you build, the more fat you will burn.  It is an awesome snowball effect that happens.  Get ready for the new you!

Corrie Mims

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