Monthly Archives: July 2012

Home-worker, Homeschooler, Homemaker

This is a new beginning- I love those!  I needed a blog specifically for my work-from-home, homeschooling, and homemaking ideas so they can, ultimately, change the world.  And, here it is.

I named it The Working Home because in every way, we are all trying to make our homes work for us while we work for our homes, right?  For those of you like me who are work-from-home moms or dads and are juggling home business responsibilities as well as caring for your children and the needs of your family on a day to day basis,  you know the difficulty of balancing all those roles and making them work for everyone involved!

This blog is meant to help with the balance act and bring joy to the journey.  So, if you need a friend and encourager along the way, I’m your gal.  Let’s go!


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